Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuition Billing Goes Electronic

Is LBCC taking another step to going green, or are electronics the new big thing for billing and ways to send and receive information?

As of summer of 2011 LBCC will no longer send paper billing to homes for tuition. Now tuition will be paid via Gmail. This is an aspect that has people worried, and also has some relieved.

According to LBCC there are several reasons for electronic billing rather than recieving it through the post office. One is that it is sustainability. There will be no more paper bills. Second is that recieving it through your email makes it instant. Third is that with it being electronic it is now accurate. There will be no worries about late fees, or out of date balances. Lastly it is a better use of resources, aka also helping into going green.  Electronic communication is more cost effective and frees up resources for other uses.

So looking at all of the benefits that the campus believes are true what are some of the opinions on the people it actually affects?

The students at LBCC should be the people who decide how they pay for the college they attend.

Kelsey Dunkle of Corvallis, was amazed by the news, but was not worried to the fact of tuition going wrong because she is graduating this spring.

"The ways I see it is if it isn't broken don't fix it." Says Dunkle

"I just hope that all of the 'bugs' get all sorted out before the time for tuition comes about" Says Burdette, a OSU dual enrolled student "I do not want to be charged with late fees, and have to try and fight something that was never broken in the first place."

Some of the opinions of students also differ from what has been recently said.

Emily Hendricks of Jefferson was perfectly fine when she found out about electronic tuition. She finds it easier to pay all of her bills if she can just make a folder on her email account, rather than to fumble through papers every month.

So whether students approve or dissaprove the new way of billing there will always be contoversy of whether the system is working or not. Just hopefully everything will run smoothly, and it creates a new effective way to run the system at Linn Benton Community College.

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